Anti-Spam Options

Configuration Options for Anti-Spam in Webmail


1.) Using Internet Explorer or Firefox, point your browser or click (on the following link)  Login to your account.  From the {Mailboxes} navigation menu, choose {Spam Settings} (Hint: You may need to scroll down or expand the {Utilities} menu to see)

Here you can set the Anti-Spam system behavior to best suit your needs.  Messages detected as spam can be marked {SPAM} and remain in your Inbox or can be automatically moved to your Spam box, or deleted entirely.  Note that the Spam box is only available in Webmail or to IMAP account users.


You can also set the Anti-Spam engine to be more conservative or aggressive in it's actions through the drop-down box (see above)


Be sure to click the {Save} button after making changes to this setting.

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