Using Firefox 4

Using Firefox4 with NABET Local 53 Webmail


When you try to log into the Advanced Interface of Webmail with Firefox 4.x, and get this error:
"Remote XUL This page uses an unsupported technology that is no longer available by default in


This occurs because of changes made in Firefox: "Remote XUL (XUL through HTTP) has been removed from Firefox 4



Here are some options on how to fix it:



1.) You can log in under the Simple or Basic interface without the error coming up using the Login Screen dropbox. (see screenshot below)



2.) For a permanent solution, go to this link: and download and install the addon.



Once the Plugin is installed, go to the {Tools} menu and select {Remote XUL Manager}



You will be presented with an option screen to Whitelist the Nabet53 Webmail server for Firefox4



Click the {Add} button.



Type "" (without the quotes) and press {OK}

Your screen should now look like this:



Click on the {File} menu, then select {Close}



You are now ready to use the Advanced Webmail Interface with Firefox4.



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